Timeless Quality

There are few things in nature as awe-inspiring as the Sequoia tree. Beautiful, majestic, timeless, a symbol of everlasting endurance. It is also the inspiration behind Sequoia Grove Homes, a boutique land development and home building company whose principal has been building signature urban communities across the GTA for well over 25 years. With every successful project, Sequoia has grown in scale and breadth, but has not lost touch with its cherished values of quality, responsibility and customer service. With Elgin East
- an innovative community with a new style of homes -
Sequoia once again embraces positive change and the future of homebuilding. But some things will always remain constant - namely, Sequoia’s signature attention to quality and its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Development Team

Sequoia Grove Homes is a Boutique Land Development and Home Building Company currently planning signature urban communities in the GTA. The Sequoia Grove Homes brand focuses on designing incredible spaces tailored for all lifestyles. We are committed to delivering a product that uses only quality materials and branded finishes to deliver a home that is both functional and stylish. Our team will provide an unparalleled experience throughout the construction process, and long after closing, to ensure the utmost satisfaction and comfort with the purchase of your new home.

Established in 1986, Quadrangle is among Canada’s most dynamic design firms. With over 160 architects, technologists and interior designers, we have experience in commercial, retail, multi-unit residential, interiors, content media and hospitality sectors. Our projects create accessible communities, reinvent old spaces and innovate on tested ideas. We design spaces where people live, work, shop and play with our insights gained through listening, exploration, nuanced iteration and quality execution. The talent of our team and the stewardship of our leadership has earned us many Canadian and international awards.

Is an interior design company that believes good design should be thought provoking and that it’s only through collaboration that the most inspired and innovative ideas can be brought forth. Their designs enhance a client’s lifestyle and add value to the bottom line. Their authenticity and passion manifests itself in the details, omitting the irrelevant and leaving only the essential.

Spectrum Realty and counterpart Spectrum Sky are connoisseurs of new home sales, marketing and resale Real Estate. The partners have been in the business for over 25 years and have won multiple awards, both locally and internationally. Known as visionaries and trailblazers; passion, humour and balance defines them.

Is an award-winning, Toronto-based ad agency that is committed to creating original and effective communication for all its clients. Over the last 20 years, dedication, energy and passion have guided Montana Steele to create real estate brands that are truly iconic and successful.

For over forty years, The MBTW Group / WAI has offered comprehensive and multidisciplinary consulting services. We are a design-oriented group with expertise in all aspects of landscape architecture, architecture, urban design and recreational planning. Our ability to create innovative, memorable and marketable design solutions that meet the objectives of our clients is a credit to our staff of over 50 professionals, whose practical management skills, award winning design abilities, technical expertise, and enthusiastic commitment allows projects to be completed in an efficient and effective manner.